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Anónimo: You're not stupid, you just do stupid things. Go to bed, you need sleep ! And you better get your ass off that bed tomorrow and do something.

hhaahaha cant sleep now, dont worry tomorrow is my dayyyyyy, good night :)

Anónimo: Then you need an ass whooping trust me! You know that, why don't react? You're right, you're stupid.

hahahahahahahah told you, imma do something soon, dont worry and thank you i needed a virtual ass whooping like that ahahahhahaha

Anónimo: What did you do that is so stupid to deserve that nobel price?

im lazy and do absolutely nothing for the ones i love, i literally stay my ass in bed expecting things to be done by themselves, just today i deceived 8people including myself if it aint more and i didnt even left my room, do u know how ridiculous it is

Anónimo: That's a pretty name. My name doesn't really matters here. Who broke your heart sweetie?

i broke it myself